Election is Over and I did poorly
Posted by Rob Shipley (+426) 4 years ago
No problem. Those of you who dislike me, you can be thrilled. But, those of you who like to LIVE IN THE TRUTH, do ask yourselves these singular questions, ok?
1. Does it make any sense Miles City wastes over $10,000 a month for three (3) city attorneys? One per 2900 of the population while Billings, eleven (11) times larger in population, pays to have one attorney per MORE THAN the entire population of Miles City? Billings....92,000 with eight ( 8 ) equals 1:11,500? If anyone cares to explain this in any truth to me why this EXCESS in prosecutorial force is necessary, please do.
2. Does anyone know what is the very first maxim in Model Rules of Professional Conduct; i.e., how attorneys are to conduct themselves? 8.1 (a) "Knowingly make a false statement or material fact".
Jeff Noble has known since March 23, 2007, when he first was defeated in the public nuisance vendetta these FACTS:
A. Double jeopardy,alive and well in all fifty-one (51) state and the federal constitutions, PROHIBITS any agency of government from prosecuting again any American citizen already once adjudicated through the legal system of the United States for the very same crime. felony or misdemeanor.
B. Sixth Amendment to U.S. Constitution guarantees, "In*****all***** criminal prosecutions.......PUBLIC TRIAL ( he has denied this nineteen times (19x).....
and to have assistance of counsel for his defense." (Noble has never once (1x) allowed me to have the court appoint me an attorney as justice demands, not one (1) time ever since 2002.
C. Montana Constitution, Declaration of Rights. Article II, Section 25: "Self incrimination and double jeopardy. No person shall.......be again PUT in JEOPARDY for the same offense PREVIOUSLY tried in any JURISDICTION."
English language KEY WORD.............*any*. City Court of Miles City, Montana, is in this *****any*****.
D. Montana Code Annotated, #45-8-111. Public nuisance. "......so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property ......by an (key word) (key word) (key word).......ENTIRE......community or neighborhood, or by any considerable numbers of persons."
Only two (2) people have ever complained about 603 South 4th Street, and, NEITHER in accordance with federal nor state laws of the USA could have ever legally done so: mayors joey whalen and Butch Grenz. Each of them in 2006 and 2009 and in 2013 had to have COMPLIED WITH THE LAW and obtained through legal means and methods *signed* written complaints from.........."the *ENTIRE* community (over 8,500) or neighborhood... ( easily just ten (10) or fifteen (15)....or any CONSIDERABLE number of persons.......(say, fifteen (15) to thirty (30)."

For the 834th time for all the good people in Miles City; every single dollar wasted persecuting me for maintaining a public nuisance where NOT A SINGLE ONE MEMBER of the public ever complained......has all been wa$ted thank$ owing to both crooked mayor$.

Thank you all for accepting this outstanding LEGAL truth and for giving both of them MORE THAN one hundred and fifty thousand dollars {$150,000} of *****YOUR***** money to squander as they have.
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+746) 4 years ago

It is not that everyone hates you, they just don't like your take on things. They don't like seeing eye sores around peoples homes as it drops value to theirs when trying to sell, or so they think. If you would just keep your yard clear, build you a storage building somewhere for your "goodies" that is out of peoples vision. People also know that it takes taxes to pay for services provided. So going all out over your delimma didn't sit well with voters. It can be all resolved if you just take a few steps to comply.. CAN YOU COMPLY? Not until you change some of your beliefs and honor other peoples feelings more.

I personally never have had any problems with you. I just didn't want someone on a personal vendetta, being the mayor.. Take it for what you want because I will not be responding on any more of your rants.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+13575) 4 years ago
Rob, I salute you. You have a problem with local government and instead of bitching about it, you ran for office to try to effect a change. That is democracy as our founding fathers intended it to be.

I suggest you accept your loss in good grace, and work with the new administration to resolve your difficulties. Good luck.
Posted by D. Moore (+98) 4 years ago