It would be great if Robert Shipley ran for mayor!
Posted by busyB (+631) 5 years ago
Please check this out

Wouldn't it be great if this guy ran for mayor!

I bet he could put the beat back in Miles City...
Posted by Tnuhotevil (+105) 5 years ago
Anything would be better than this uneducated individual we have now
Posted by Rob Shipley (+473) 5 years ago

Thank you, 1000 times thank you for exposing truth.
My education in law far exceeds anything Hollowell and Grenz could ever *give to protect* all of you in 15 more lifetimes...............Ship
Posted by Rob Shipley (+473) 5 years ago
Grenz Generosity.
We all know and accept and respect the Grenz family 600 Cafe free Thanksgiving Day meals etcetera; good thing, very good thing, for many years.
However, what corrupts this is: 1. Butch's personal INABILITY to abide by the law 2. His ego that he MUST *beat people into submission*.
Butch and I were friends since 3 and 4 years old.....1951.........
One time long ago, he went on a vacation to and through Yellowstone National Park on....Rob Shipley's Enco credit card !!!!!!!!!!
He shot a big buck Mule Deer on a Nefsy ranch whose horns were in Sojourner Pawn and Bible (nice, nice rack)......when mayor Joe Whalen had *illegally* BNSF destroy the pawnshop and Bible book store.
Rose Grenz and Mary Shipley went on a nice big adventure trip to RUSSIA together.
R. D. Shipley's brother in law, Herb Winter, Bismarck, North Dakota, sold case lots of whiskey lawfully to the Grenz family in the 1940s and 1950s.
But why Butch cannot CONTAIN his criminal thug being to abide by the law is anyone's guess. Ship
Posted by Debbie Malave (+10) 5 years ago
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