This opinion will be unpopular; safety always is
Posted by Rob Shipley (+473) 5 years ago
People, people, people. Stop. Think. Miles City does not need BNSF freight trains flying through here at speeds that can cripple, kill, and destroy hundreds of people, and, dozens of homes.*****THINK*****.
Since it is proven and has been evaluated and reevaluated, and scanned and scrutinized, by RR experts for decades - - - - -one (1) gallon of diesel fuel moves one (1) ton of freight four hundred eighty (480) miles.
Isn't there enough margin in all of BNSF that warrants such a prodigious fiscal advantage, such advantage can and should and *****MUST**** become the offset to have cities and towns not be ***FORCED*** to bear the risk of really terribly bad train wrecks? Tell me, just tell me, call me 234-2477, email me, [email protected] com.....who are the people anyone knows who can accept the Miles City Star and Billings Gazette headlines, "Seventy-eight dead and injured, 36 homes destroyed".
(AP) Yesterday in Miles City, Montana, a speeding BNSF freight train derailed owing a split rail and seventeen (17) cars completely destroyed and set on fire 36 homes where 78 people were injured and killed."
Life is a gift, that is why they call it the present.