Sunrise/Sunset Broke
Posted by Webmaster (+10019) 7 years ago
When today transitioned to October 25, 2015 UTC on the server, the code that calculates the time of sunrise/sunset in real-time (for the weather display on the front page) broke.

Since my development machine is in Mountain Time, I can't easily trace into the code to see where it is faulting until it hits midnight tonight. (The server is in UTC time zone, so that is why it already is 10/25 in it's own little world.)

The code that calculates the sunrise/sunset is so unbelievably complex it makes my head explode even looking at it again. As a kludge, I wrapped an exception handler around it - so it wouldn't bring the whole front page down.

So I'm not sure what the issue is with it yet. Won't be able to fix it until my local dev machine transitions to 10/25. And not sure how long it will take to fix.

Until then, no sunrise/sunset on the front page - unless it magically fixes itself - or until I can track the issue down.

Regards, Larry Webmaster
Posted by Tom Masa (+2202) 7 years ago
OH God! How will I know when to get up!!!!!