J. B. Morrison contractor in Miles City 1909-1911
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I am looking for information on JB Morrison a carpenter from St. Paul, MN who moved to Miles City c. 1909. He is named in the Yellowstone Monitor, The Wibaux Pioneer, The Ekalaka Eagle, The Daily Missoulian and the Producers News. The Wibaux Pioneer says he is "the contractor who built a number of the most substantial buildings in our little city". He is my great-grandfather and I am searching for more information on which buildings he contracted, if they are still in existence and if there are any photos of him. He was a member of the St. Paul carpenters union before departing for Montana and I also believe that he was a member of the Elk Lodge. His son, A. J. Morrison was living in Butte and was tragically electrocuted while working as a lineman for the Butte Electric and Power Company (1911). Thanks for reading my post! Ideas of where to search are welcome. Keep in mind, I live out of state.
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Check with the College of Architecture at MSU. They have files on known architects and builders. Your ancestor might be among them. You may have to contact them in person, however.
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Thank you Amorette! Your response had me searching online and somehow I came across this http://focus.nps.gov/pdfh...002170.pdf It is a document for National Register of Historic Places and my great-grandfather is named and it also gives the name of one of the buildings that he contracted. It is in Wibaux, but I have other articles from newspapers that mention him in Miles City as a contactor, as well. I am still searching! Thank you!
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Greetings: From what I can gather, J.B. Morrison was also my G.Grandfather. This is based on the results of my father's work on this in the 80's, and my own, recently.
J.B. was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and had several children with a Kate Matthews Morrison in St. Paul, MN. He is listed, with a picture, on the records of the Miles City Elks Founders. I have a death record and his picture. He died in St. Paul in 1921.
One of his children, William Matthews (J.) Morrison was my grandfather.
William was about 25 and my grandmother was about 34 when they were married, in a hurried manner in Missoula, Montana. Probably because she was already 5 months pregnant with my father. They both seemed to want to obscure their marriage, and just make an "honest woman" of Grandmother but not much more.
Anyhow, marriage license information names J.B. and Kate. I have an ongoing interest in more information, also.
L.H. Morrison
26 Babbin St.
Indian Orchard, MA 01151

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