Mayor puts Custer County in danger.
Posted by Judy Roos (+14) 6 years ago
On November 2 we will be voting for a mayor again. If you are tired of the present mayor and his bully tactics, you need to go vote. Change comes from action, not complaining.

His reckless regard for employees, citizens,(particularly women) and the law have not only cost the taxpayers money that could be spent on services but has affected the safety of everyone in Custer County.

Three months ago the mayor and the chief of police decided to terminate the 911 supervisor. They ignored state employment laws and city policy because they “needed to” based on manufactured evidence. Two investigations we paid for support that fact. The 911 center had a dispatch trained 24-7 supervisor and a team that worked well together. Supervision is 8-5 by an untrained officer if he is available. Morale is low. Two dispatchers are being treated for stress related issues and one is on medical leave. Three are looking for new jobs. If they leave, 3 dispatchers will be left to run the 911 center. Who would want to work where someone can terminate their job because they or a family member did something to upset the supervisor? This is a problem with other the city workers, too.

The grievance procedure drags on and some 911 funds could be affected. The city uses a labor lawyer who charges $175 an hour. This latest termination has cost $2800 so far. The human cost can’t be measured. In 3 years the city has paid almost $31,000 for advice on labor issues. The first lawsuit cost the city-not the insurance- $345,000. When the insurance is used, taxpayers still pay because the insurance is taxpayer funded and everyone’s rates go up.

The other candidate for mayor is a calm, respectful and intelligent. He also has a successful business. If you want to know what is really going on with Miles City finances, go to . On the left hand side of the page you will find city departments. Choose finance and then financial reports. If you have a problem call the department and they will help you get there.
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+765) 6 years ago
The only item on that page is an article titled "The best way to lower the pain caused by pimples under the skin"

Is the answer: to vote it out? lol

I guess the mayor must be getting under your skin?
Posted by David Schott (+17407) 6 years ago
The correct URL for the City of Miles City's website is:
Posted by Tande (+118) 6 years ago
Time for the "Good ole boy" to retire.
Posted by New Bob (+55) 6 years ago
I heard that she was terminated because one particular dispatcher (who is also married to a commisioner) wanted the dispatch supervisors job. So she started keeping track of the supervisors hours, and reported to the chief that she was not working all her hours. That dispatcher has know idea what the supervisors job consisted of, and chief Columbick simply terminated the supervisor. He took the word of someone who has only been there a couple of years instead of talking to the supervisor who happens to be a 16 year very dedicated employee. Columbick, and this dispatcher have a very personal vendetta against her, and its going to cost the city a ton of money that they do not have.
Posted by busyB (+631) 6 years ago
Who is the "Other Candidate" we are supposed to consider and you are referring to, but not naming?
Posted by Bridgier (+9297) 6 years ago
Maybe this guy?

All I can say about John is that I went to high school with him, and he was a great guy back then. Haven't seen him in years, and he could be a completely different person now - but other people that do know him currently speak highly of him, so take that as you will.