Al Furstnow Saddle, "Contest 1"
Posted by Frank Dodge (+2) 7 years ago
Howdy Folks,

I'm in Southern Oregon.. a while back I bought at auction an old Al Furstnow Saddle marked "CONTEST 1" I didn't find a number on it, just his stamp in a few places with his name and "Miles City, Mont"

Anyone have any ideas on what this saddle was made for??.... or any history about it?
thank you much! Any info or if you want to see photos, you can also email me, [email protected]

F.R. Dodge
Posted by Steve Holland (+12) 7 years ago
I also have a Contest No. 1, that was made as a bucking saddle by Al Furstnow. It was bought by my Grandfather in the 1920's. I would have to assume that yours would be purposed for the same. I have pictures that I could send, but everything I have found says that the saddle should be a bucking saddle which will be obvious from the high cantel and high swells. I know this one has been on many a wild horse in its lifetime.

Posted by FRDodge4 (+15) 2 years ago
Thanks, yes that's the same one ive got.
I was hoping to find out more about its history. I was told this was the first saddle sanctioned by pro rodeo, at the time, for saddle bronc riding. LLP
Back then they used sales with a horn because cowboys still used them as working saddle as well.