Posted by Webmaster (+10002) 6 years ago
Someone posted this on Facebook a bit back, sorry I don't remember who, but it is a link to an audio recording of Mr. Ledke speaking.

I thought it was pretty cool to hear his voice again. He used to scare the crap out of me, but was one of the best teachers.

If you turn up the volume enough, it's definitely worth listening to.
Posted by Camille Rude (+222) 6 years ago
Mr. Letke was both my neighbor and my teacher...he was truly the genuine article! A wonderful teacher, and quite a colorful human being. The world lost quite a wonderful man when he passed.
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+761) 6 years ago
Howard was one of my favorite teachers. I remember the day that I gave him a picture of the Battleship USS NEW JERSEY BB-62. He was driving the ice cream truck in front of the house. He seemed very happy to get it. It was not until later that I learned about the mural he had painted on the wall in his class room of the battleship. Anderson told me Howard was proud of that. Too bad I never got to see it.

Later I was told my 2nd favorite teacher, Paul Armstrong was mad because I never gave him a photo. Had I known, I would have.

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