Rest In Peace Coach...
Posted by Shu (+1795) 8 years ago
Very sorry to hear about the passing of Coach Dan Stanton.

My brothers and I played against the Baker Spartans and the Stanton brothers back in the day. I never met Coach Dan, myself, but my father did and he spoke very well of him. He was very successful as a coach and teacher and very well-liked. I know this loss is devastating, not only to his family, his school and his team, but also to the community. My thanks and congratulations to coach Stanton for all he accomplished, and my sincere condolences and blessings to all his family.
Posted by Jeri Dalbec (+3261) 8 years ago
This was posted on my Facebook page and is too beautiful not to share....R.I.P. Coach Stanton...

Dayle Lovec
Stop the clock,
Silence the crowd.
Cowboys take a knee,
Let our heads be bowed.
Turn up the lights on the field
Until they shine brighter than the stars,
This strong man is one of ours.
Sound off the cannon,
Let it echo through the night.
Brave coach Stanton
Has lost his fight.
Our tears may fall
With sadness and grief.
For coach's time here
Was far too brief.
Let his courage and strength
Inspire your day,
Fight like coach Stanton,
It's the Cowboy way.
~Dayle Lovec
Posted by kent koester (+289) 8 years ago
Dan Stanton was a great coach but mainly he was a great man. I met Dan a long time ago back when he and his Brother Rob brought his students into the card shop. Both brothers were patient and you could tell that the students really liked them both. Of course I have watched him for many years as he coach our youth in Basketball and Football from the broadcast booth. He always had time to stop and chat about his players and no matter where you saw him,he knew you. He will be missed for sure.
But the way I look at it we lost a fine man but Heaven gained a great man and coach.
My heart goes out to his family
You will be missed