This is a religion I could get behind
Posted by Amorette Allison (+12830) 8 years ago
"a tenth of your income and time should be dedicated to serving people."

NOT given to the church but serving people. I like it.

This is from the Sikh religion.
Posted by Tucker Bolton (+3893) 8 years ago
How do you make money to build stuff and, and, and you know, pay for TV stations and spread the good news to other people so they can send more money? I don't understand. The pope would be in rags. Mormons would stop building temples and and and training seventeen year old elders? Who would pay for printing the "Watchtower"? Do you have any idea what a new pipe organ costs?

Aren't Sikh's Muslims? NO CHRISTMAS! my G-D how would Wal-mart survive? Amorette You got a lot of splaining to do. My head hurts. Lets talk about the Kardashians or Kaitlan Jennings, something relevant.

o, oh, OH and what about cannibals? Huh, answer me that. They served people, didn't take or give money, didn't pay taxes and where are they today?

You make no sense at all and to think I used to admire your scholarly approach to stuff.

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