Posted by Deb P (+27) 5 years ago
I just wanted to say that whoever it was that came on my property this am and took my wheelbarrow and table I saw you. While those items are not of a great deal of value they are mine. I am quite sure by the way that you sped away you realized that. Yes I saw you. It is upsetting that people think that they can take what does not belong to them. I just want to know how others feel as right now I feel very violated. I would have given those items to you had you ask, as that is the kind of person I am. But to drive up to my property and take them is stealing. Plain and simple..thanks for listening.
Posted by Carl Austin (+43) 5 years ago
I had my apartment broke into once before new management took over and I was somewheres between pissed off and feeling violated in a since. Theres ben a lot of this crap going on here in our town. I would not let them get away with it,maybe just like anything else Karma is a B. Sorry to hear this happening to you. I hope you turn them in and let the system handle it,yes I know some dont believe in the system but it does work. Hope your day goes better.