Iowa farmer says he’ll remove solar if co-op’s $85
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+765) 6 years ago
Iowa farmer says he’ll remove solar if co-op’s $85 fixed charge stands

A small rural electric cooperative in Iowa has informed its 3,000 customer-members that, should they install solar panels or other distributed generation, they will pay what appears to be one of the highest monthly charges in the nation.

Pella Cooperative Electric sent out a notification on June 18 alerting customers that the “facilities fee,” which is the fixed part of the monthly bill, will triple from $27.50 per month to $85 per month – but only for customers with solar panels or another source of their own generation.

“I think it is unlawful, and I think it's outrageous compared to any other RECs (rural electric cooperatives) that I know of,” said Mike Lubberden, a Pella-area resident who, for the time being, has ditched his plan to install solar panels. He is seeking legal representation and intends to file a complaint about the matter with the Iowa Utilities Board.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11885) 6 years ago
The 'energy policy' in this country, such as it is, is to make obscene profits for big energy corporations. Period.