Posted by spacekace (+892) 7 years ago
My computer has apparently died. It is a Dell Inspiron, and a few years old, but has worked fine, until today when it restarted due to an update I believe. It will not boot up, and am getting a blue screen that says CMOS setup utility, American Megatrends. Can anyone help? Or send me in the direction of a computer doctor?
Posted by Speedbump (+209) 7 years ago
Replace the battery in the motherboard... costs like 5 bucks
Posted by SeptyTwo (+670) 7 years ago
This battery is what he is talking about I believe:

Motherboard may not be the same but they mostly all have the same battery

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Posted by David Schott (+17668) 7 years ago
Do you see any error message before the BIOS setup screen appears?

If your CMOS battery has failed the American Megatrends BIOS might show a message such as "CMOS battery failure" or "CMOS checksum error" or something like that before prompting you to press a key to enter the BIOS setup.
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+756) 7 years ago
If you want it looked at, I can check it out if you bring it to Miles City. If it is a battery, you buy it, under 3.00 and I will install it free.


BTW if the computer is not booting, a battery is not going to fix your problem. If it was a bad cmos battery, your computer would boot to a screen with press F! on it, but it would give you an option to boot.

What a battery does is power a real time clock and cmos in order to keep settings. Newer computes auto detect settings when they boot up, so they now give you the option to continue or to enter setup or cmos, in which they are the same thing.

If you are getting the blue screen it may be a totally different problem. Either way I would diagnose the problem for free. If it is a battery issue I will put it in for free, if not I will tell you what is wrong with it and give you an estimate.

In case you don't know me I have more than 25 years experience.

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Posted by Rob Shipley (+479) 4 years ago
Tim Wagoner,
I have a dilemma. My INBOX has been ravaged by thousands of unwanted emails from the DNC. Can you tell me how to rid my computer of these?

Rob [email protected]
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Posted by Its Me (+185) 4 years ago
Rob this is my other account. Forgot that i had it and logged in to it.

It depends on how you are accessing your email. If you are using a program like the old Outlook Express, Windows Mail etc, than it is easy. They have the ability to set up message rules that can be applied to the whole inbox.

If you are just logging on to say to check your email then there are message filters. The different sites have similar ways to do what you want.

You have to be careful not to make these filters to generic or they may delete the mail you which to keep.

Today is not a good day to call but you can call me in the evenings and I will help you with it. 406 233 9190. I am usually up late to early morning.

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Posted by wpnelson (+16) 4 years ago
You could try depressing the F10 key and then the return key to see if it boots.