car registration
Posted by mckee (+383) 8 years ago
WE bought a small pickup from a neighbor who was moving out of state. He had bought it last year from another person and had a bill of sale. We also did a bill of sale. Unfortunately we do not have a title and I am unable to locate the previous owner. Is there anyway to get this truck registred? We really need it.
Posted by cubby (+2678) 8 years ago
You need to start with the DMV office at the court house. They may be able to run the vin number and tell you what needs to be done
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+766) 8 years ago
Last time we had this problem, we were told to call the police. They can inspect it to see if it is stolen, and then you should be able to get a title.
Posted by PaulaArion (+15) 8 years ago
File for a lost Title.
Posted by mckee (+383) 7 years ago
Thank you took all of your advise and got it done.