Forsyth Pool is now OPEN for the summer!!!!!
Posted by Forsyth Pool (+29) 7 years ago
Hey everyone come on down and swim!!!! below is our schedule through august 25th.

Forsyth pool schedule. June-August 25th 2015
Monday: 1-5pm Open swim
Tuesday: 1-5pm Open swim, 5-7pm Lap swim/Family Swim*
Wednesday: 1-5pm Open swim
Thursday: 1-5pm Open swim, 5-7pm Lap swim/Family Swim*
Friday: 1-5pm Open swim
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 2:30-5:30pm Open swim. 5:30-6:30pm Lap swim
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Adult parent or responsible guardian will need to be present with patrons under age of 18 to swim during family swim.
Daily pass ages: 2/under free, 3-18 $3, 18 and older $5. (when wading pool open ages 2/under will cost $1)
Pool Rental: 1-50 kids $60/hour, 50-100 $120 hour Scheduled at office
We will be holding swimming lessons Mon-Thurs at different times through the summer, if interested inquire at office.
Forsyth Pool Phone# 406.346.2409

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