Posted by TDF (+158) 7 years ago
I'm looking for a recipe for pickled eggs. Does anyone have a favorite? My husband remembers the pickled eggs the bars used to serve (or maybe still do) and loved the flavor. I know I can find recipes on the net, but have tried a few and they are not the same.

Thank you for your help.
Posted by Hildyjill (+11) 7 years ago
Here is a PA Dutch version of Pickled Eggs:

1 - large can red beets
3/4 c. - sugar
1 c. - water
1 c. - vinegar
salt & pepper to taste

Heat beets in juice - Heat sugar, water, and vinegar to boiling. Combine red beets & juice with vinegar mixture. Pour over hot hard boiled eggs. Let stand until deep red in color. Then refrigerate - Covers 12 eggs.

Posted by TDF (+158) 7 years ago
Thanks HildyJill for posting this. It sounds good and I will definitely try it.