Real Montana Tourism Contest: Film
Posted by Alexis Bonogofsky (+129) 7 years ago
Hey everyone,

The Montana Department of Tourism is hosting a short film competition online for filmmakers to create 1-minute videos of their idea of Montana. It is in its final round and Colin Ruggiero, who has taken amazing photos of eastern Montana, is in the running. His is the only film that shows off eastern Montana. All the rest are western Montana focused. It would be great if he won. He is in the top three right now but could really use some support from eastern Montana.

You can go to this link: and watch and vote for the film.

It is tempting just to watch it and move on but it's really important to vote! You can vote once a day for the next six days. Please share with your friends and on social media as well.

Thanks so much!

Alexis Bonogofsky