Lost Who am I
Posted by William Laney (+8) 8 years ago
I was born July 17 1956 in the old Hospital. My birth given name is Clayton Dewayne Roberts. My adopted name is William Kent Laney. My birth mothers name was said to be Donna Marie Roberts born in Kansas, worked as a waitress in Billings, 18 years old. In 1984 I had John Sharp in Idaho falls Idaho open the records which he stated that my natural mothers maiden name was not correct and recommended I look no more? I have one son and no other family, my wife passed from cancer 12 years ago. I've had the best of the best try to locate my natural parents which they all gave up. The hospital whited out 20 years ago information when I requested copies of my mothers file. I haven't searched in many years and time is running out. My parents might still be alive. Dr. Sadie Lindeberg was my delivery Dr,Unfortunatley years ago I talked with her sister 10.5 years after passing and she had just destroyed her records. My adopted parents at the request of Dr. Lindeburg sent photos for the first two years of my life to her????? If any one could help thank you so much. You could e-mail me at sanfelipeba[email protected]. Sincerely a Lost old Sole.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+12745) 8 years ago
I hate to tell you this but even if you find the birth certificate, if you were delivered by Dr. Sadie, she put the name of a friend of hers on many of the certificates. Her brother worked in the office at the court house and so he helped make sure secrets were kept. Sorry.

It was another time and one of the reasons women went to Dr. Sadie is she had a pretty good system for hiding things.
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+583) 8 years ago
I suggest you try DNA testing from 23&me and ancestry.com/dna
Lately the newspaper in Butte has reported some of "Gertie's babies" (similar adoptions only in Butte not Miles City) have found siblings through DNA testing. It would be worth a try.
Good luck.