Have a Happy!
Posted by Karen L. Morris (+1916) 6 years ago
My secretary is such a disappointment to me--running behind, yet again (as if an overabundance of vehicle break downs and repairs, work--as in the real job, weather, bovine health issues, etc. was an excuse) so my New Year's card wasn't sent in January. The good thing is that it's really the New Year until July so . . . Have a Happy!

In consideration of my secretary's tardy tendencies which are most unlikely to change, we decided to use one of her "on hand" photos for my Valentine. Aelbie is Emgie's older brother and Rennie is her half sister (both being in Emgie's book). The reality is that it's not me in the background, it's Margold--a beautiful black Highland cow. Since there are those that think all black bovines look the same, she agreed to play the role of Jobie for my card (fortunately, her horns don't show here because that might be a bit of a hint that it's not me)! Have a Happy!