Daines and Tester back room deals
Posted by Kacey (+3161) 6 years ago

If you read nothing else read this part "What they didn't tout is the backroom horse-trading that went on to gain Daines’ support, in which two existing wilderness study areas near the coal deposits of Otter Creek were removed from protected status. Nor do they want to discuss the reality that they gave away 27,000 acres in those wilderness study areas and another two near the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, which will now be studied for their oil and gas potential instead of their wilderness potential.

Significantly, that horse-trading went on between Tester and Daines in a Washington, D.C., back room – not in public, not in Montana, and certainly not with the knowledge of Montanans who may not have felt that losing those wilderness study areas was quite worth the sliver of new wilderness designation on the Front. In other words, the deal was exactly the opposite of what MWA and its fellow collaborators have been espousing with their “made in Montana” legislation."
Posted by Tomm (-1031) 6 years ago
Sounds like they made some good trades. We have all the wilderness we need. Does it surprise you that this is how things get done in DC?