The Last Best Place (if you have the $$)
Posted by Bill Mac (+69) 6 years ago

Senator Lea Whitford
Helena, MT ยท

Well now lets talk about this land transfer (see attached article) if you don't think this does not affect you, you may want to rethink that! Stated by Senator Fielder she says they will look at Forest Service areas & Bureau of land management areas if the bills she is sponsoring goes through. Folks this could mean Lewis & Clark National Forest! Your back yard if you live along the Rocky Mountains or other forested areas in the State. Or by any BLM property! Hear are some questions that should be discussed; has the State properly funded Agencies in the past to manage existing state property? Who will pick up the management costs of these additional properties? Which agency or commission will oversee the management of these properties if acquired? Will they give the authority to sell the property to these agencies or commission group? Especially if they cannot financially manage the property with a limited appropriation of state funding? Who can buy that property if sold? Anyone! if sold on the open market!

(I sat in committee that heard about the Management of state property; a commission group appointed by the legislature & Governor were given authority to sell property to help with operating expenses.)
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11546) 6 years ago
The land doesn't belong to Montana. It belongs to everyone. And since we have to beg for money from the feds every year to fight fires and deal with management issues, I really do not see any logic in this besides some political posturing by the ignorant.