Posted by MCPD (+70) 6 years ago
Early this morning on 1/30, Officers were able to apprehend several suspects that were stealing from vehicles in the area of North 5th and River. Numerous stolen items were found in their possession. These items are now in dispatch waiting to be claimed. If you think that your vehicle was broken into last night and you are missing property, come to the Dispatch Center at the EOC to identify and claim your property. As of now, 1455 hours, we are experiencing a high call volume with minimum Officers. If you are able to come in person to identify your property without calling, it would be much appreciated. However, if you are unable to come in person and call dispatch, we will accommodate you the best we can. Great job to the Officers for a quick response and apprehension.

Stay Safe!

Posted by cubby (+2629) 6 years ago
Great to hear the boys in blue caught them, good job men