WILLIAM F. Schmalsle
Posted by Ellen Compton (+38) 7 years ago
My husband brought home an used Western paperback book by Terry C. Johnston. I found my relatives name in that book, although it was not listed in the index. The story is about the rescue of the Cavalry and the rescue of the German sisters from Red Clouds band. The book is: Dying Thunder and it makes for real tales of te Old West, trials, tribulations, triumphys, and happy moments.
Ellen K. Compton
Posted by ike eichler (+1234) 7 years ago
Should you have further interest, and enjoy historical fiction, Terry Johnston was a Billings author who penned 16 titles of his, Plainsmen series. Each title deals with and episode of the plains Indian wars. Miles and Fort Keogh are the subject of some. His character Seamus Donegan appears thruout the series.

He also had a Mountain man series. A great man as well as an author that died far too soon.