A win for the responsible
Posted by Bill Mac (+69) 6 years ago
This week's saga of rules proposals, amendments, edits, and votes came to an interesting conclusion on the House Floor today. After withdrawing their most egregious proposals themselves amid press and public pressure, Republicans further consented to a compromise with Democrats on "blast motions", allowing each Party to have 6 bills of their choice sent straight out of committee to the full floor with 51% of the vote instead of the normal 3/5ths. Stay tuned for when these 6 "silver-bullets" are used...

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about today's vote was the outcry extreme Republicans aimed at moderate members of their own Party for striking a deal with Democrats to help ensure that all the people of Montana are represented. Two such Twitter rants by Daniel Zolnikov (saying other Republicans had "no principle") and Art Wittich who called them "republicans"who sold out (using the quotation marks). The Republican cohesion so heavily trumpeted on Monday seems to have crumbled already.

We will see how that division plays out on critical issues facing our state starting with some important hearings tomorrow.

In addition, in the Senate, we'll be keeping an eye on some Republican Senators who have been assigned to multiple important committees that meet at the same time of day. Either they can somehow time-travel, or they will be doing a dis-service to the citizens of the state and their constituents every single day they are absent and voting by proxy.
Posted by Gunnar Emilsson (+16829) 6 years ago
Those Tea Party Republicans are a disgrace to the State of Montana.

I expect the silver bullets will be used on the budget, the infrastructure bill, and the CSKT water compact. Good luck to the Responsible Republicans and the Democrats!