Posted by mckee (+389) 6 years ago
I am so disappointed with Direct Tv. My bills have been $107.00 the last few months My bill today is $222.00 and they took away CBS. So i decided to go back to Midrivers but heard from my granddaugter that they are taking way CBS also. Any information on this???
Posted by Sheri C. (+59) 6 years ago
It's all about the money. Direct TV feels the CBS channel signals free Analog for its viewers but want to charge a lot for use of it on Direct TV. It is all over the United States. Some areas its Fox others its ABC. I hadn't heard about affecting cable channels but that is good to know so I don't try to switch and get the same thing.

We put up our antenna ears on two of our TV's and got CBS.

I hope it gets over with soon.
Posted by Mid-Rivers (+31) 6 years ago
Mid-Rivers has reached agreement with CBS and will NOT be dropping your local CBS network in Miles City. You may still see messages on your CBS channel but those relate to other providers, not Mid-Rivers. Please call us any time at 1-800-452-2288 and we would be glad to answer your questions and discuss service options.
Posted by Kelly (+2706) 6 years ago
All DirecTv customers who are unhappy with this situation should contact DirecTV at 1-800-531-5000, or send them an email from your online DirecTv account.
Posted by Steve Sullivan (+1333) 6 years ago
Your local CBS affiliate pulled their programming. Directv did not drop it. They are trying to extort a lot more money for the same programming they've already been providing. They think since DTV is such a big company that they can charge them more for the same product. It's common almost every time a contract between a broadcaster and a provider expires.

If your bill went up, and you aren't in contract, you can usually call the company and negotiate a price reduction, providing you've been paying your bills consistently and on time.

The suggestion about sending emails and calling DTV about getting CBS back is exactly what that CBS affiliate wants. That's the way they hope to get more money from DTV by making you think that it's in DTV's hands when it's really not. The affiliate is being greedy and DTV it trying to prevent your bills from increasing.

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