Critical: Give Your Representative a Call
Posted by Bill Mac (+69) 6 years ago
Newly elected Representative Ken Homlund will face his first test of character right out of the gate. If you've been keeping up with statewide news you'll know there is a proposed rule change that will essentially give the Speaker total Autocratic control of the Montana House. This one man will be able to effectively kill any piece of legislation if the rule is adopted.
Ken will have to choose to side with other moderate Republicans and oppose this egregious attack on the legislative process OR cave in to the pressures of the ultra-conservatives.
Give Ken a call and express your feelings.
Email: [email protected]
Primary ph: (406) 234-2956
Secondary ph: (406) 951-6764
Posted by Jeri Dalbec (+3170) 6 years ago
Thank you...I have been following this and will email Rep. Holmlund. I think the following video is a great example of what kind of people we should strive to elect. He doesn't let anyone off the hook. Ties in with pointing out how things are being done.