Why we should pay attention an vote
Posted by Bill Mac (+69) 6 years ago
Quotes from the Montana Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen (R)

Knudsen said taking back federal land in Montana also deserves a robust discussion. Opening federal forests to timber and mining could do for western Montana what the oil boom has done for the east, he said.
“Montana does a better job protecting and stewarding its resources than the federal government does," he said. "It would be a discussion worth having how many resources that would open up to Montana to develop on its own property if that land wasn’t federally owned.”

!. During the legislative interim the vast majority of Montanan's voiced their concerns and opposition to this nonrefundable folly (SJ15 - Environmental Quality Council): We should call this PAY TO PLAY as this self-serving foolishness with ultimately lead to the gradual sell off of public lands to private entities. Those with the $$$$$ to afford them. Nobody has been able to show any factual data to counter that inevitability. Montana does not have enough natural resources to offset the costs of management over a long period of time. Add couple $200,000,000 fire seasons and this state is is in serious financial trouble.
“From 30,000 feet, Medicaid expansion is going to be a tough sell for the caucus and a tough sell for me personally,” he said. “Able-bodied people should be able to go out and get a job.”

Knudsen said his party also worries about the cost of expanding Medicaid. While money would come from the federal government initially, he said, the state could be left with the bill down the road.

2. Even though "ALL" the funding will come from the Federal Government (money that has already been allocated and will just go to another State if Montana declines it) and includes an "opt out" clause that will let Montana OPT out if it begins to cost State dollars. Regardless of the fact that even those of us who have insurance will be stuck with paying for the 70,000+ who don't via higher insurance and medical costs - all because of the "forward thinking" of those in control.
Posted by Kelly (+2635) 6 years ago
Thanks for the update!
Posted by Jeri Dalbec (+3170) 6 years ago
In regard to number 1...I think we have already been reading how private ownership of big portions of land has already affected the hunters in some areas of Montana. And...number 2...It really is not the brightest for us to continue to pay for the Medicaid for other states and not take advantage of it for our own people. Seems to be working well for the states that have adopted the funding. IMO? Thank you for the "paying attention" threads. Very useful.