Seeking info on Thomas (Tom) Jacobson
Posted by Jerry Jacobson (+17) 8 years ago
I am looking for the people who posted the original post in 2005 "Seeking info for Tom Jacobson" I am fairly certain that is my father as well. On my birth certificate he is listed as a radio announcer from Mile City, Montana. I was born in Butte in 1954. Anybody who has any information would be most welcome.
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+584) 8 years ago
Unfortunately Mrs. Thomas has passed on. Her responses were rather cryptic & intriguing. Perhaps someone in Miles City has her research files.

You can click on the Jacobson gentleman's name on his post and send a private email to the address on the chance it is still valid.

I will look up Thomas Jacobson for you today & post anything I find here.
Posted by Jerry Jacobson (+17) 8 years ago
Thank you! It is very much appreciated. I did email the yahoo address but it came back as undeliverable. Any info would be helpful. I now know I have a half brother out there by the name of Don Jacobson!
Posted by David Schott (+18768) 8 years ago
Don Jacobson's account is registered using an address other than the address he listed in his message. If you click on his name on one of his forum posts you can send a private email to that other email address. You might get a response that way.

Good luck!

- Dave
Posted by Jerry Jacobson (+17) 8 years ago
I did see that option and sent a message. Thanks for your help! It's very much appreciated.
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+584) 8 years ago
Ok. It took me awhile to sort this out & summarize.

Thomas Bellis Jacobson was the son of Arthur Elmer Jacobson & Irene Bellis. He was descendent of American Revolutionary war veteran and applied for membership in SAR while living in Great Falls in 1949-50.
His SAR # 69293.

If you want that application info I can give it to you, his revolutionary war ancestor was on his mother Irene's side of family... Listed marriages back generations to Ezekiel Ayers, Ensign in New Jersey militia, born 1754 Hackettstown NJ, d 1835 NJ. I followed some censuses back few generations to be certain. I have that detail with marriages.
That SAR app had Thomas's birth date 2 Dec 1927, Miles City.

Additional info--
*Irene Bellis was with her mother Helena Abraham Bellis & sister Mabel (a stenographer) in Jamestown North Dakota City Directory in 1912; where Irene was the Elk County Auditor.
*Younger sister Helen Genevieve Bellis Brotzman-age 30 divorced- married James Elwood Fugett in 1933 Miles City. With brother in law AE Jacobson as witness.
*1937 Mrs AE Jacobson director of MacDowell Music Club for Boys of Miles City.

Irene M & Arthur E Jacobson are buried Miles City, Custer Co cemetery. A double grave marker Jacobson:
Arthur E
b Nov 19, 1890
d Feb 29, 1964
Irene M
b Oct 6, 1892
d Jan 1, 1958
1940 MT Miles City
Arthur 49 bornMinnesota, manager wholesale grocery, college 2nd year, owned home valued $1,000, salary of $5,000 lived same house (believe number is 601 South Cottage)
Irene 46 born New York
Dorothy W 19 MT
Thomas 12 MT
WWI Draft registration, Burleigh Co, ND
Arthur Elmer Jacobson age 26
19 Nov 1890 born SD
Traveling salesman Bismarck wholesale grocery
Dependent wife
Med height, stout build, Brown eyes, dark brown hair
South Dakota births
Arthur Elmer Jacobson 19Nov 1890 Brown County
Father Thomas Jacobson, mother Mary Jane Fletcher

1900 North Dakota Kensal Stutsman
Thos Jacobson 40 Iowa, parents born Norway
Mary 43 Wisconsin, parents born England
Married in 1884
Hilda R 15
Edith E 11
Arthur E 9
Ethel M 7

Censuses 1910-1930 North Dakota, Fairmont, Richland
Thomas & Mary Jacobson. He was retail merchant, lumber yard. Daughter Ethel teacher. Daughter Edith married Byhre- 1957 California death cert confirms mother Fletcher, father Jacobson.

Richland Co, Fairmont cemetery
Mary Jane Jacobson 1856-1932
Thomas Jacobson 1860-1934

Back to Thomas Bellis Jacobson, radio personality, booming baritone host of night beats WHB Radio Kansas City. Apparently committed suicide Aug 1960 at age 33.

First marriage:
Custer County, Miles City
Marriage cert no. 247, no. 8332
17 August 1947
Thomas Jacobson, white, Miles City resident, born Miles City, 19 yrs old, not previously married
Father AE Jacobson
Mother Irene Bellis

Joyce Bernice Treat, white, Miles City, born Miles City, 19, not prev married
Father Robert A Treat
Mother Bernice M Brooks

**Joyce Bernice Allan obit, died April 29, 2008
Says married first time to Thomas Jacobson date as above.
Sons--Thomas Jacobson of Austin MN, Andrew Jacobson of Great Falls, MT

Did not see marriage for Nadine Rashleigh later Breen. But her name is listed as Mrs Nadine Jacobson in Butte newspaper 1956 included in list of ladies at luncheon.

Another Marriage
13 September 1955
Wadena, Minnesota
Thomas Bellis Jacobson
Constance Joan Koch
Posted by Jerry Jacobson (+17) 8 years ago
Thank you so much! This info is priceless. So now I see I have 3 half brothers. I will have to do some searching and hopefully find them. Do you have any contact info on any of them other than the city? Is that where they were born or where they reside? I know the marraige to my mother, Nadine Ann Rashleigh ( Breen when she died) did not last long and the family never spoke of my father after they divorced.
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+584) 8 years ago
Enjoy the info. Just do a random act of kindness in return. I limit my lookup research to only those that are deceased. Good luck on your search.

--The towns named were where they resided at time of the 2008 obit.
Posted by Jerry Jacobson (+17) 8 years ago
Hi Cindy, yes, I believe in acts of kindness and through this forum I was able to connect with a brother I never knew I had. I believe it was meant to be. Thank you for all of the info on my ancestors. It's very interesting!
Posted by tfjacobson (+10) 8 years ago
Hi Jerry,
My name is Thomas Frank Arthur Jacobson. I am now living in Randall, MN.I was born in Sheridan, WY in 1948 to Thomas Bellis Jacobson. If you want to contact me I would be happy to share what information I have.
Posted by Cindy Stalcup (+584) 8 years ago
If you click on the poster's name, it will take you to page where you can send him a private email. Good luck.
Posted by Kdk4genealogy (+12) 7 years ago
My name is Katie Krueger. I am from Minnesota. My aunt, Marguerite Ann Krueger married Thomas Bellis Jacobson in August 1952 in Iowa. She gave birth to their daughter, Lee Carolynn Jacobson June 13, 1953. By that time, Margie and Thomas were divorced. My mom recalls that mellifluous voice on the radio reaching out to "a housewife in Richfield", and I knew that Tom had committed suicide. Lee never met her father. I am the genealogist in the family, so I am grateful to be able to include information on Lee's heritage, should I ever have the opportunity to see her again.
Posted by Jerry Jacobson (+17) 7 years ago
Hi Katie, this is Jake's wife, Tammy. This is very exciting news. We do know of Lee as well as other siblings. We have been in contact via email with 2 brothers. Feel free to contact me as well. [email protected]