Christmas Poem I wrote & read to a church.
Posted by Jonna (+282) 8 years ago
The twinkling lights,
the carols play,
the money flows
for Christmas Day.
Who is this Santa?
Why is he here?
Another sales pitch,
another year.
What has become
of the true meaning?
Does anyone have
the slightest gleaning?
Jesus was born
to save us all
from ourselves,
to catch our fall.
Is Jesus watching?
Can He see what we've done?
Is He shedding tears
over our corruption?
Who came up with the trees?
Do they stand for the cross
where Jesus died?
Oh! What a loss!
But this is his birthday!
Celebrate his life!
Stop destroying
the way and the light!
Did He know?
Could He see
what a tragedy
His birthday would be?
A time for booze,
a time for fights,
a saddened time
filled with plights?
A time for hunger,
a time for cold,
a time for depression,
blow by blow.
So few really know-
and less really care-
where is the feeling
people once shared?
Peace be with you!
'tis the common cry
but where is peace
when hate never dies?
No one sees those
they think less high...
all they care about
are those that buy.
Give me this! and that!
Can't live without it!
Give me lots!
I'll throw a fit!
What happened here?
What became of the simplicity?
Jesus received 3 gifts,
why must we have so many?
Oh, Jesus, its just as you said!
We really do not know what we do!
You asked God to forgive us,
But was it worth it for you?
So many have forgotten
the joy of your love afire!
I'm no exception at all,
to claim so would make me a liar.
A night once so great,
so filled with wonder,
to be turned about
into a night of plunder!
I see why, now,
Things happen each year-
these 'Christmas Miracles'
This time so near.
You want us all
too open our eyes!
And yet we ignore
your blatant cries!
We refuse to see
What is right before us!
Your love and blessings
we exchange for lust.

Written by Jonna Blankenship C. 1994
Posted by Hazel Stabler (+16) 8 years ago
What a wonderful poem. Thank you for reminding us why we celebrate the Christmas season. HE is the reason!
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15536) 8 years ago
Nice poem.

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