Ambulance Fund Mill Levy
Posted by Ryan Smith (+63) 7 years ago
Miles City Firefighters Local 600 urges the citizens of Miles City to vote NO on the Ambulance Fund Mill Levy.

Multiple changes have been made to the ambulance enterprise fund and the operation of Miles City Fire Rescue to self correct the problem without having to tax the citizens of Miles City.

These changes include:
o Ambulance rate increase to coincide with the cost of living/operating; first time in 12 years
o Switched ambulance billing collections to full time company specializing in ambulance billing and collection; rate of collection now over 80%
o Reduced overtime expenditures by reducing call back staffing from 2 to 1
o Moved FTEs from ambulance fund (enterprise) to fire fund (general)

In the current form, the mill levy does nothing more than replace reserve funds that were used to pay off a cumulative debt that was accrued over the past 8 years. Also, "Part of the reason for placing the mill levy on the ballot was to try to send a message to the fire department that they are not as high and mighty as they think they are." Mayor Grenz quote from the Miles City Star October 2014.

Instead of the current Ambulance Mill Levy, the Miles City Firefighters, would like to work with the City Council and Mayor to develop a Public Safety Mill levy that would use the funds to provide better emergency response capabilities for Fire, Ambulance and Police to the citizens of Miles City.

Again, we ask you to vote NO on the Ambulance Mill Levy, but if you want to keep the Fire and Ambulance service provided by the Miles City Firefighters, we ask that you contact your city council members in your ward and voice your support to keep these services from being privatized. Because as Mayor Grenz has previously commented about public funded EMS : "The bigger question is whether the city should be in the ambulance business." August 12, 2014 City Council Meeting.

Also from the August 12, 2014 council meeting minutes: "Some councilpersons felt that, although they might personally vote against the mill levy on election day, they felt this resolution (levy) would give the voters a chance to express how they feel about the ambulance service."

Sue Galbraith 234-9288H 853-1657C
Ken Gardner 234-8359H 853-8390C

Sheena Martin 852-6111C
Jerry Partridge 234-0321H

John Hollowell 234-9326H
Mark Ahner 234-0302H

Dwayne Andrews 852-0325H
Roxanna Brush 232-5609H 951-0689C
Numbers obtained from the City of Miles City Public Numbers Listing
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