Two MC milk bottle caps sell on ebay
Posted by Don Birkholz (+1379) 7 years ago
For 112$

Sanitary Dairy and Miles City Dairy (John Herzog) caps.

The ruffled edges indicate the caps were taken from milk bottles and are probably rare. Some dairies go out of business and sell thousands of unused milk bottle caps and these would have smooth edges and would not be rare, and usually sell for around a dollar.

Many dairies sold milk bottles with generic caps and nothing on the cap to identify the cap to the dairy. Dairies with their dairy names on the cap from Miles City include the Miles City Dairy, Sanitary Dairy, Birkholz Dairy, and McFarland Dairy. I think there was a Bickle Dairy that had an identifying cap also.

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Posted by Oddjob (+187) 7 years ago
I need to meet the person who paid $112.50 for them....I have this bridge I want to sell.......
Posted by Webmaster (+10013) 7 years ago
McFarland Dairy caps (long after the dairy ceased to exist) used to be scattered around the floor of the old milk barn. I picked one up and stuck it in my pocket back in the 1980's, but unfortunately have no idea where it is now. I do have it somewhere, but hopefully it's not the last one still around. Wish I would have picked up more.
Posted by Oddjob (+187) 7 years ago
Yeah. At $3.00 a pop (and an occasional $112.50) it would have been worth it to have a bag full.