Reza Aslan Interview on CNN
Posted by Webmaster (+10021) 8 years ago

YouTube wrote:
Religious scholar Reza Aslan took some serious issue on CNN Monday night with Bill Maher‘s commentary about Islamic violence and oppression. Maher ended his show last Friday by going after liberals for being silent about the violence and oppression that goes on in Muslim nations. Aslan said on CNN that Maher’s arguments are just very unsophisticated.
Posted by Oddjob (+184) 8 years ago
Don't know if this is true or not. It's just another thing that's out there on the internet.

I thought Aslan spent a lot of time side-stepping the issue and throwing out moral equivalencies. Indonesia, Turkey and Bangladesh are places where the radical Islamists are not in power yet, but they are there. He tries to say the oppression of Sharia Law is a local issue, not a Muslim issue. I say that "Africa" (his term), Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan constitute a very large portion of the Muslim world and are very much influenced by Sharia Law.

I'm going to have to throw my 1% agreement with Bill Maher on this one. I don't think Maher is as well versed in taqiyya as Reza Aslan.

Aslan's comment about "rampaging Buddhist monks in Myanmar" was hilarious.

There's a global problem.