Yerger Family Dental - Shout-Out
Posted by Tim Wagoner (+761) 7 years ago
I would like to give a shout-out to the Yerger Family Dental.

I have been having some serious pain in one of my teeth for the while. I have been putting off going to a dentist because I knew that the tooth had to come out. The oral surgeon that had done the extraction of the tooth next to this one had commented months ago that it needed to be removed.

I have been on a regiment of 800mg of Excedrin multiple times a day in hopes the nerve would become d-sensitive to the pain, as it has done before. This time,however, it just kept getting worse and worse. I was in excruciating pain on the whole right side of my mouth, in both the upper and lower jaw.

I finally gave in and called Jeanette at Yerger Family Dental. They were able to get me in today for an appointment. Dr. Yerger was able to extract the tooth while I was there. It was the absolute best experience I have ever had when getting a tooth pulled. It was painless, and fast.

Thank you Dr. Yerger, Jeanette and staff for all you have done for me today.

I highly recommend them......
Posted by snookie (+232) 7 years ago
I also would recommend Dr. Yerger. I've only had one experience with him and was very pleased. He also got me in right away and is open on Saturdays.
Posted by paulseand (+8) 6 years ago
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Posted by Tim Wagoner (+761) 6 years ago
I had to have another tooth pulled today and I come away with nothing but good things to say to Yerger Family Dental. They got me in on a moments notice and pulled my tooth painlessly. There prices are more than affordable.

Thanks to everyone there for the speed and professionalism.