MCC Receives Largest Donation in School History
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Miles Community College (MCC) and the MCC Endowment Board are pleased to announce the philanthropic, anonymous gift of $1,000,000 toward the College’s new Ag Advancement Center. The Endowment Board and Miles Community College began the fundraising campaign in February 2014 to raise $3,000,000 for a new state-of-the-art agricultural and equine educational center.

This anonymous $1,000,000 gift is the largest in school history. Dr. Stacy Klippenstein, President of Miles Community College, is extremely grateful for this gift. “It is hard to put words to the excitement and deep gratitude I feel inside. This is a great day for the future students of Miles Community College. The size of this gift shows that the Miles City community cares about MCC and advancing agricultural education in Montana. Educating tomorrow’s Ag producers is what we are here to do.”

Don Hartman, Chair of the MCC Endowment Board echoed President Klippenstein’s comments, "What a wonderful surprise that someone would believe enough in the need of our Ag Advancement Center that they would be willing to make such a generous gift.”

The MCC Ag Advancement Center will have an indoor arena, three classrooms, seating for over 500 people, and will be set-up to host rodeo and community events. Currently, without an indoor facility to offer appropriate learning environments for the agriculture and equine programs, potential students leave the area and Montana to attend other out-of-state institutions.

“Our goal is to help educate Montana’s future Ag producers and serve our region. To do so, we recognize the need to have appropriate facilities,” President Klippenstein added. However, the facility will also be open to the community.

John Laney, Director of the Miles City Area Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair for the Ag Advancement Center Campaign, talked about the huge gift, “It’s amazing to think that a family has that much passion about the students and success of MCC.“ Laney also talked about the benefit to the community. “In the big picture, the students who continue their education in MCC’s Ag Advancement Center are the future of agriculture in our area, so the community has a lot at stake in this endeavor,” expressed Laney.

Many students have voiced their excitement for an indoor agriculture learning center. Jackcee Idland, a 2014 MCC agriculture graduate from Circle, Montana, offered, “Investing in the Ag Advancement Center is no doubt a good idea when considering all the positive effects it will have on Miles Community College.”

Miles Community College and the MCC Endowment Board will continue their efforts to raise the remaining funds necessary to complete this project. For more information about the campaign, people can contact President Klippenstein at [email protected].

Miles Community College, located in Miles City, Montana, is a comprehensive community college that promotes student success and lifelong learning through accessible, quality programs and community partnerships. Miles Community College offers credit programs to prepare students for transfer, as well as career and technical programs to prepare students to enter the workforce.
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Here is the front page story from the Miles City Star

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MCC President Dr. Stacey Klippenstein interviewed on KATL Live about the large donation and the Ag Advancement Center.