Status Report
Posted by Webmaster (+10029) 9 years ago
I would like to encourage local businesses to consider advertising with It's easy to do, just contact me and I'll help you with whatever you might need.

I took a gamble and hoped that local businesses would step up to help support this site, rather than having individual users bear the load, and I'm still hoping that will eventually be the case.

A few already have. Smith Sales Co. has been very supportive, along with Recreation Lanes, The Confluence, and Kangaroo Rentals. I would encourage all visitors of this site to frequent their businesses and activities. They have shown they are top notch in supporting the community.

If you own a business and would like to advertise on, there are a whole bunch of reasons why it is a good idea. I've outlined a few here -> <-. Most importantly though in the entire scheme of things - is that this site does not currently pay for itself - and if you would like to continue to see it around, please support it. Otherwise I can't do it by myself.

Also, there *is* a new version of coming very soon. I'm shooting for a Sept. 15 availability - which will have new features like being able to compose a classified ad and upload images with a click of a button, and having a site-wide WYSIWYG editor that you can use to compose rich text messages without knowing any BBCODE.

This is a very hard endeavor. It has required me rewriting the entire site, 100%, using ASP.NET MVC C# Razor and bunch of other stuff - to replace this old antiquated ASP/JScript version. I'm intentionally writing the replacement to look almost exactly like this one, but beyond that, there is yet another completely different new responsive version. THIS IS A TON OF WORK. I've been working on it for months, and in the midst I moved back to Montana which blew my work schedule, and I've been working on it again since. That's probably why you haven't heard much from me recently – but some goodness from all of it should hopefully show up soon (crossing my fingers).

I guess that's about all for now. Thanks!

Regards, Larry Antram Webmaster
Posted by Matt Smith (+792) 9 years ago
I have been pleased with my ads.

I'm going to start another soon.

Posted by David Schott (+18766) 9 years ago
For what it's worth, when we were in Miles City this past August we went bowling at Recreation Lanes and spent about $75. It was seeing the Recreation Lanes ad on that gave us the idea to go bowling.

It was a great time. The kids had a lot of fun.