Fall Soccer Field Prep Volunteers needed!
Posted by BP (+124) 8 years ago
The Miles City Youth Soccer Club needs your help to prepare for the upcoming season. We will be doing field maintenance on August 30 & 31st from 9am - till done. We appreciate what time you can spare and will reward you with the reimbursement of the volunteer fee ($10). Please come and help set up the fields and there is also a list that follows that we would love some help with. For questions please call Chad at 953-3027 after 5pm.
Other items that could be done:

1. Move Goals to new areas- I’ll have a map/plan of the Fall layout by then.

2. Sort out nets for this season and store the rest.

3. Sand, prime and paint the walk door frame to the shed; I’m not sure if the garage door has wood trim, or not?

4. Replace the weather seals on the walk door.

5. Mow weeds around the fences of the parking areas.

6. Paint the parking barriers in the west parking area. Yellow would be better than the silver that’s on them.

7. The area between the parking barriers and the fence is in need of some shovel work to remove dirt and throw it back in the parking area.

8. The club could buy some more gravel/rock to spread around the shed area- it would entail some shoveling from a pile.

9. If someone has a bobcat or road grader, the parking lot could use a bit of leveling.

10. The Posse sign needs a re-paint- we’ll probably switch to blue where there is maroon; the rest should stay as is. Club will furnish the paint.

11. There are weeds along the fences to be pulled all around the complex.

12. The City and neighbors have agreed the trees and shrubs across the street to the north (Jackson St.) can be trimmed and cleaned up- anyone want to put their chain saw/loppers/pruners to work?

13. A really ambitious person could look at replacing the damaged metal siding panels on the north side of the shed, we have extra material in the rafters overhead.