Garage salers/other folks giving to 2nd hand store
Posted by homesweet (+63) 8 years ago
I was wanting to point out that second hand store's throw away items they do not feel will sell well: stained/damaged clothing, damaged household items, etc. Things that a person could very well still make use of. Many people, I would say, are willing to take the time to try to get a stain out of clothing, or mend an item or piece of torn clothing. Such items would be thrown away by a second hand store. I would like to encourage everyone to try to give your unwanted items to others before giving to a second hand store or throwing it in the trash. To some people, even having to pay $1 at St Vinny's per clothing item is hard on their budget. 2 shirts, or a box of cereal? is a decision some folks have to make. Let's give them the 2 shirts, so they can have both their clothing and food! There are many folks in need in our community, and a person can always use a helping hand even if they are not truely in need. A few less clothing items to have to buy for their kids, themselves, really means a lot to some folks. So, if you're giving it away anyway, why not ask your neighbor, or that last mother looking through your clothing at your garage sale, if they'd like to have a bag of stuff free? Advertise it for giveaway on, or on the facebook virtual marketplace or the Miles City Pay It Forward facebook group? Maybe they can share amongst their friends and find home's for your items. It would be so wonderful to see more generosity and giving in this community, and families getting by a little easier as a result
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15421) 8 years ago
It would be so wonderful to see more generosity and giving in this community, and families getting by a little easier as a result.

Miles City is one of those most generous places on earth. If the rest of the world took care of their own the way does, it would be a much kinder planet.
Posted by Toni Rentschler (+1509) 8 years ago
There have been many this summer. This is a great way so you (the sale people) dont have to transport it to the 2nd hand store too!
Posted by emilie q (+40) 8 years ago
We gave 4 garbage bags to a couple of ladies when we shut down our last garage sale. They couldn't believe we were just giving it to them, they were thrilled.
Posted by Dee1 (+156) 8 years ago
There is a local page on facebook, Miles city Pay it Forward. it is for free stuff available for give-away, and requests for donated items.