Local Belly Dancers Performing in Billings!
Posted by Devi Moon (+60) 9 years ago
Miles City's own belly dance troupe, Devi Moon, has been selected to perform as part of the 7th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival in Billings this weekend!

The gals (including 5 new members!) have been working long and hard for several months on a brand new fun choreography, and it is an honor to be selected to perform. Also appearing will be professional belly dancers Wild Card Belly Dance and Princess Farhana, as well as other troupes and individuals from around Montana and the surrounding area.
We will be appearing this [b]Saturday, Aug. 16th, at the Alberta Bair Theater. Show starts at 7:00 p.m.[b]

We would love to have some local support and see some MC folks in the audience! If you cannot attend but would like to support this fabulous event, please consider a donation at http://www.spiralskiesbel...donations/. Donations close on Aug. 16th.

Check out Devi Moon on Facebook, too!
Posted by RA (+648) 9 years ago
Wishing you ladies good luck as you appear on stage at the Alberta Bair!!
Posted by Devi Moon (+60) 9 years ago
Thank you!!! We appreciate the support so much!

We're super excited about this new choreography and the five new gals in our troupe making their first trip to the Festival!

We did a dress rehearsal at Holy Rosary ECU last weekend -- which went AMAZING -- and the residents had a great time!

Hope to see some Miles City folks in the audience!