To The Fellow Who'll Take My Place
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NOTE: Found from old newspaper clippings (circa 1926?) pasted over the pages of an old 1906 U.S. Department of Agriculture book. I don't know who the author "H. M. S." may have been. If you do, let me know!


Here is a toast I want to drink
To a fellow I’ll never know –
To the fellow who is going to take my place
When it’s time for me to go.
I’ve wondered what kind of a chap he’ll be,
And I’ve wished I could take his hand,
Just to whisper, “I wish you well old man.”
In a way that he’d understand.

I’d like to give him the cheering word
That I’ve longed at times to hear;
I’d like to give the warm hand-clasp
Whenever a friend seemed near.
I’ve learned my knowledge by sheer hard work.
And I wish I could pass it on
To the fellow who’ll take my place
Some day when I am gone.

Will he seel all the sad mistakes I’ve made,
And note all the battles lost?
Will he ever guess the tears that caused
Or the heart-aches which they cost?
Will he gave through the failures and fruitless toil
To the underlying plan,
And catch a glimpse of the real intent
And the heart of the vanished man?

I dare to hope that he may pause some day
As he toils as I have thought
And gain some strength for the weary task
From the battles I have fought,
With the cares for him to face,
And never a cheering word to speak,
To the fellow who’ll take my place.

Then here’s to your good health, old chap
I drink as a bridegroom to his bride;
I have an unfinished task to you,
But God knows how I’ve tried.
I’ve dreamed my dream as all men do,
But never a one came true.
And my prayer today is that all my dreams
May be realized with you.

And we’ll meet some day in the great unknown –
Far out in the realms of space;
You’ll know my clasp when I take your hand
And gaze into your tired face.
Then all failures will be success
In the light of the new found day.
So today I am drinking your health old chap,
Who’ll take my place when I’m gone.

-- H. M. S.
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Thank you for sharing!
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Thanks. Pretty nice.
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Name was micheal collins leader in the irish army I believe
Posted by Olimpia (+33) 8 years ago I believe that link should give you all the info you need
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I feel reasonably certain this was written by my uncle, Harvey Swihart who lived for a time west of Volborg. He wrote many poems and usually signed them using the lower case letters of his initials.
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Louis E Thayer, New York Journal, is credited with writing this.