Found a Cockapoo!
Posted by Sonya Batchelder (+28) 8 years ago
This is a young, black, male dog. He is probably poodle and spaniel mix. Has a long tail and a white blaze down his face and a white spot on his chest. He is very friendly, comes when called and acts a wee bit timid. He was found around the Woodbury and Gordon St areas. He was found pretty wet and has been thru our sprinkler since being here. So he definitely likes the water. He has a dark collar on but no tags. If this sounds like your dog or know anyone who might know where he belongs, Please call 406-234-8941. Very mild tempered and sweet we have two other dogs so we cant keep him. We would if not for the other pets. He is very loving and sweet as well as housebroken. Someone definitely owned him, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Please call 406-234-8941 or 206-3487076

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[This message has been edited by Sonya Batchelder (7/9/2014)]