Posted by David Schott (+17178) 7 years ago
Many fond memories of Mr. Zezula's junior high science class. I remember one time we talked him into lighting one of the gas "turrets" that you connect the Bunsen burners to. That shot flames for a bit of a distance. We thought that was pretty cool.

How those junior high school teachers endured us kids, I will never know.

Stevenson and Sons Funeral Home: Delmar Zezula
Posted by Marcia Entzel (+13) 7 years ago
I hope that many of Mr. Zezula's former students will weigh in with comments so that his family will know what he meant to us. Sad to say, I wasted 2 years of disliking Mr. Zezula just because of a silly misunderstanding. When it was cleared up,I was out of his class, and sorry that I never saw him again. But he certainly made an impression on me, to the fact that we never knew what the S. for his middle name stood for. Still don't. When I'd relate stories about him, NO one believed his name and thought I'd made it up.
In my own class, I'm amazed at how successful they've become, and I have to thank all of the wonderful teachers the Miles City school system had. World-class educations. Thank you, teachers. And I will defend to my dying day the fact that Miles City had to be the best place ever to be raised in.
Posted by cj sampsel (+481) 7 years ago
How about when he had the whole class stand in a semicircle holding hands while people on opposite ends held the bared wires of the old hand cranked phone. He'd crank away until someone broke contact.
I remember one time Brenda Brown, rest her soul, held on to both ends. She never let go no matter how hard he cranked, her arms were jumping.
He was agood and interesting science teacher.
Posted by Ineedsun (+221) 7 years ago
What a blast from the past. I have been gone from MC since 1983 but there is only one teacher who really stands out for me and that is Delmar Zezula. He was great. The thing I remember the most about him (and I hope this isn't a false memory) is that he wore matching ties and socks. Thanks for posting the obit. He was truly a memorable person.