can miles city have faster internet???
Posted by Evan (+40) 9 years ago
Ok so last time I checked about a few months ago only selected places in miles city here has a internet speed of about 12mps and in others its about 7mps but the rest of the world has it so much faster and this can be a problem with gamers online with xbox or playstations and thoes who play games online on computers as well if your not informed about that, but can you imagine how life could be much less stressful if internet speed was faster? Sell screaming kids online about the slow internet speeds and waiting half the time as usual or even less when uploading or downloading awesome stuff in the web, and that's not to mention video and audio streaming problems poof gone with just an upgrade of equipment on century links or midrivers parts. So this leads to one question, how would it be worth it to the internet providers and how can we help to inspire them to make that decision? I am hoping by making this post miles city internet users can brain storm together on this post and discus a potentially effective approach to drawing out the internet providers a decision to bump up speed at least by 2 times or even 4 times or so? Can you imagine how internet activity's can be changed for the better if we were to pull together and make an effective change in the way miles city uses the web? Please share ideas, information, research or anything at all that would work towards this goal to possibly have internet faster here in miles city everywhere in town and even close to it. How awesome would that be? what can we do about this?
Posted by Tomm (-1033) 9 years ago
maybe kids should go outside and play.
Posted by jj&j (+63) 9 years ago
What a coincidence. My husband and I just sat down to watch a movie on vudu and all we are getting after spending $4.99 for an sd movie is "buffering" every few seconds so bagged it for the night. I know better than to try to watch in HD but tonight even SD is not working. FYI we just upgraded to the highest speed internet we can get.
Posted by David Schott (+19060) 9 years ago
I recommend starting with the select few who are getting 12 Mbps and asking them what their secret is.

What kind of service does Mid-Rivers offer? Do they offer service over the coax cable wire or over the twisted pair telephone wire?
Posted by Jeremy Loomis (+64) 9 years ago
I know the century link people have told me that sometime within the year they will be running cables to increase speeds.
Posted by Chris Sirchia (+626) 9 years ago
So you have Century Link now? I keep on getting cut off, "No Internet Access" with Mid-Rivers. They replaced the modem once. Maybe they can replace themselves??
Posted by Mid-Rivers (+31) 9 years ago
Mid-Rivers does offer residential speeds upto 20Mbps throughout Miles City. We also recommend at least 1.5-3 Mbps per device that you plan to have connected to the Internet as each connected device is sharing the total speed with all the other devices on that connection. Mid-Rivers always encourages customers to contact our Technical Assistance Center at 1-800-452-2288 if you are experiencing any problems with your Mid-Rivers services. This is the fastest way to have any problems resolved.

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Posted by worldmom (+423) 9 years ago
We considered switching to Mid-Rivers, but we were told by others that they that have the same speed problems that we do with Century Link, and Mid-Rivers is significantly more expensive for the same speed (or theoretical speed).

I hate that we don't have more options here.
Posted by Jessica Culver (+75) 9 years ago
worldmom, you're correct - CenturyLink is significantly cheaper, and we had better luck with them up until we came back from a trip to Oregon and had *no* internet, and they were going to charge us $87 to come look at the line - even if it was a problem on their end.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the limits that MidRivers has on their internet. All new customers or customers changing plans are limited to 300GB/mo, and then are charged beyond that. We're a very, very internet-heavy household (frequently playing high-bandwith computer games in addition to streaming movies or TV shows at the same time) and there's no way we could do that.