Garden Club
Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15599) 9 years ago
A local gardening club wanted to form an association to exchange ideas and techniques for successful vegetable gardens. At the first meeting, the subject of soil mixture dominated the discussions. Most of the members felt that loam was the essential ingredient in soil to ensure success. And after the debate had gone on for some time it became clear that a large number of the members also believed in a mixture of redwood shavings and sawdust. To appease the largest number of members, the group eventually decided to endorse a combination of the two preferred methods.

As a result of this decision and the subsequent world famous quality of the vegetables growing when planted in this mixture, the club earned the honor of being the only successful Shavings and Loam Association in America
Posted by Elizabeth Emilsson (+797) 9 years ago
Oh Bravo, Richard!