Posted by Kacey (+3161) 8 years ago
Each year at Bucking Horse Sale, among other festivities, I have seen Gene Larson. Having known him for so many years he's a part of my memories and my heart.

This year Gene will not be there as he is in hospice at Holy Rosary.

I wish there were a way to do something to say thank you to Gene.

He has captured our history through his wonderful drawings of Miles City as so many of us remember it years ago.

Does anyone know of a way to maybe incorporate a thank you to Gene in one of the floats at the parade this year? I know he won't be there, but it could be video taped and given to him.
Posted by David Schott (+18215) 8 years ago
I'm sorry to hear that Gene is not well.
Posted by Amorette F. Allison (+1906) 8 years ago
He has been receiving guests and has been pretty chipper. I haven't had a chance to drop by and probably won't until next week but I am thinking of him! We all are.
Posted by Art (+206) 8 years ago
My friend Gene (the Dot Man)loves parades. He served on the revived Fourth of July Parade Committee for all of its years and was always the last entrant, bringing up the rear. He recorded public service announcements about the parade on the local radio stations and posted on inviting folks to participate or watch and follow the parade to Riverside park after.

That parade committee has lost members due to folks moving away and moving on so I'm unsure of the status of the parade this year. I too have since moved away but have visited Gene recently and know he is troubled that perhaps no others have stepped forward to carryon the parade this Fourth.

I know there are many graduates of Leadership Miles City who pledged to use their time and talents to further positive outcomes for Miles City. Leaders are those who take action where there is a need. I hope the 4th Parade will continue and I know Gene would be proud that it did.

Take care, my friend.

Posted by Richard Bonine, Jr. (+15369) 8 years ago
Can someone please convey my get well wishes to Gene? I hope his is out of the hospital soon.
Posted by Diona Austill (+183) 8 years ago
Gene is very ill. His lungs are down to 25% and he had a very bad day yesterday. He loves visitors, please keep your visits short and positive as he tires very easily.

If you would like to send him a card, you can send it to Holy Rosary Extended Care, Room 29, 2600 Wilson Street, Miles City, MT 59301.

He does have his ipad and checks his emails when he is up to it - his email is glarson (at)