Daycare ?
Posted by Ashley Jeffreys (+1) 8 years ago
Hello my husband and I have been discussing the possibility of opening a daycare. just putting some feelers out there. would there be an interest or need of people needing day care or people willing to work at a daycare. since moving here we have had a horrible time trying to find some one. it would probably take a while to get it off the ground.
Posted by Cheryl Mahnke (+143) 8 years ago
Ashley, I just opened a full day preschool/daycare. I m not full yet, but I hear people are always looking. I think there are people struggling to find care; especially with the cost and a lot of it is part time. If this takes off I hope to employ someone to work with me. Maybe that might interest you.
Posted by Lindsey (+285) 8 years ago
This town is really needing daycare options. Part time is hard to find and would be something to look into offering.