Rural schools in 1964
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11978) 8 years ago
The list of rural schools that had graduates in 1964 included Kircher, Garland, Six Mile, Riverview, Trail Creek, Monte, Hockett Basin, Knowlton, Whitney Creek, Moon Creek, Horton, Twin Buttes, Divide and SH. Kinsey had its own graduation.

I know a few of these are still open. SH, I think, closed and re-opened. Any alumni here?

ETA: Found the list of participants in the rural track meet. They included, in addition to the above, Locate, Meadow Brook, L. O., Hunt, Foster Creek, Paragon, Cottonwood and Ash Creek.

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Posted by mom (+66) 8 years ago
Amorette, many of those schools have been condensed into other districts. For instance, I believe one district now includes Cottonwood, Locate, Knowlton, and Mizpah, and possibly others. Some state law states that any district without a functioning school school for a certain number of years must be absorbed by another district. Thus many of the schools on that list have ceased to exist as separate entities. When that happens, students that later come up often are simply taken to the school that is open in the district, especially if enough time lapses that the buildings start to deteriorate. Many of the students were sent into Miles City because a bus route was cheaper to maintain than a building. Many of the schools on that list have had multiple generations of kids from the same families attend. I graduated from Knowlton in 1962. All of my siblings graduated from there as did multiple cousins. My parents both graduated from Knowlton and my grandfather attended there as well. The cousins have gone on to have grandchildren go to school there, and I think there is another generation waiting in the wings. Every one of those schools is a microcosm of Eastern Montana history. They need to be preserved, if not physically, at least in history's stories. They were the center of the community, and often when the school ceased to exist, so did the community.
Posted by Lynne (+132) 8 years ago
I went to the LO for one year and then a new school was built and named Mizpah, I went through 8th grade there. It closed after my younger cousins and a few neighbor kids started high school, because of a lack of students. The few students left were bused to another school.
Posted by Jim Birkholz (+193) 8 years ago
I attended Twin Buttes for 4th grade, because my mother did a year there as the teacher. Twin Buttes was north of MC, about 40 miles, on Dead Man Rd, east of the hwy to Jordan.

Lot of long, lonely hours, chasing meadowlarks and listening to Roger Miller on the phonograph. I found out where babies come from on one of the student's farms (three families sent their kids to Twin Buttes) and saw things that I can't unsee, as well. Experienced a cake truck stuck in the snowy and mud and it took several tractors to pull it out. Got to experience farm life and prairie life (magpies, trap lines, solitude, etc.)

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