Miles City Tattoo Shop?
Posted by jvk (+153) 7 years ago
I am checking to see if there is still a tattoo shop up and running in MC. I went to the smoke shop and the lady told me they moved out a couple months ago and didnt know if they were still in business. I appriciate if anybody has any info, thanks.
Posted by neonfreedom (+290) 7 years ago
Go to billings,glendive or sidney!

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Posted by MLW (+191) 7 years ago
I wondered the same thing. I just posted something similar to your post this morning and just now saw this one! Sorry, I promise I was not trying to copy haha! Let me know if you find out anything, I am very interested in getting another tattoo for Mother's Day!
Posted by gunsmoke556 (+61) 7 years ago
What happen why isn't there any shops in town anymore?
Posted by Sunny (+378) 7 years ago
Try Kacey 939-4193 (Glendive)