Looking to buy Rhubarb in 2014
Posted by Patti (+31) 9 years ago
I am hoping to find someone who thinks they will have enough rhubarb to sell some to me for a friend of mine with plans of baking a pie. Who are the abundant rhubarb growers in Miles City? I have a first year plant that is beginning to look promising but I don't believe I am supposed to pick /use from a first year plant. I appreciate your help.
Posted by Elizabeth Emilsson (+791) 9 years ago
Dave or Ardie Smith always had good rhubarb.
Posted by DEBI FREIER (+20) 9 years ago
Just have a couple of plants, but we do not do anything with it. Text 951-2312 for details
Posted by Sassy One (+456) 9 years ago
Have rhubarb to pick middle of May each year...pick this plant 6 times each year!!

text me if you would like some. 852-3624
Posted by Trish LRP (+20) 9 years ago
I am very interested in buying rhubarb as well...if you have any left over. Thanks
Posted by Cheryl Mahnke (+143) 9 years ago
Me too. Anyone out there with lots, let me know 406-347-5474. Thanks
Posted by sdrew (+234) 9 years ago
853-2253 I always have some.
Posted by Paul Ferdinand (+5) 9 years ago
Posted by mom (+65) 9 years ago
Contact again in the middle of May. We generally have scads of the red and green, and I purchased a red plant last year....just think they are prettier and maybe a tad sweeter.