Posted by Ellen Kay Compton (+15) 21 years ago
Dear Folks:
I would like information and a current photograph of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church of Miles City, MT. My father,
Howard Herbert Martin Hillemann, his brother Victor, and his sister Elsie, were confirmed there. I have a photo which
is a copy of a 1937 photo of this church. On the back of the photo it says that the church is one block north of Main
Street on the East end near the Northern Pacific Railroad Overpass. Thank you for your help.
Mrs. Compton
[email protected]
Posted by Amorette Allison (+12614) 21 years ago
The current Missouri Synod Lutheran Church was built in 1951. I believe it was built on the site of the earlier church, which was destroyed. Sorry. I don't know if I can track down a photo of the earlier church but I will ask around.

Posted by ellen compton (+6) 20 years ago
Dear Amorette:
Sorry that it has taken so long to e-mail you. We got a
new used computer system with two printers that has given us
fits. We FINALLY got it working -- YAY! My new e-mail
address is: [email protected] Thank you for all
the genealogy information concerning my Schmalsles. I do
have a picture of the old church. I will have to get a job
this year in order to afford another vehicle and be able to
go to Montana. I'd like to use my metal detector on the
old historical sites and donate some of the items to your
local museum, with permission of course.
Ellen Compton