Scrap Pink
Posted by Stampin N Scrappin (+5) 14 years ago
Scrap Pink is a 24 hour crop to raise money for the Susan G Komen fund for Breast Cancer Research and to raise money for the Custer County Health Department. The money going to the Custer County Health Department will help to pay for local women's breast and cervical exams. The crop will take place on Sat. Sept 29 - Sun Sept 30 at Stampin N Scrappin (15 North 6th Street - Miles City). It will begin at 5:00pm Sat and go until 5:00 pm Sun. There is also a silent auction of some scrapbook kits with all profits going to The Custer County Health Department. You can come in to place your bid or call the store to place a bid. We will be offering a free class each session, handing out give-aways, and having door prizes.

The cost of the crop in $10.00 per 6 hour session (this money will go to the Susan G Komen fund). 10% of all sells will go to the Custer County Health Department. So bring in your supplies and lets all crop (or rubber stamp) for a cure!

If you have any question call Nancy at 406-234-7960.
Posted by Pete Jakes (+44) 14 years ago
A 24 hour crop sounds related to wheat and corn.
Posted by Amorette Allison (+11790) 14 years ago
Or possibly something to do with digestion. How do you define this activity because I'm baffled.
Posted by Dawn Braden (+33) 14 years ago
The event is "cropping" which is another term for rubber stamping-- scrap booking. This is a great event with some of the proceeds going to the Custer County Health Dept-- Montana Breast and Cervical Health Program. This program helps uninsured or underinsured women afford pap smears and mammograms. I encourage everyone who has an interest in scrap booking to go to Stampin and Scrapping and see what it is all about!!!!
Dawn Braden, RN
Custer County Public Health Nursing Office